Head Trainer David Burtoft

Personal Training

Your personal training experience will consist of….

  • Initial Consultation: Before we start we will assess your current lifestyle, including exercise, eating habits, work schedule, fitness goal and body analysis ( body fat percentage and body measurements if requested). Weekly nutritional plans will be included to help maximise your results.

  • Your Sessions: We work together through one to one personal training sessions to achieve your goals. Whether that be building muscle, losing body fat, sports specific or rehabilitation. You will have my full support and motivation through out your sessions with new and innovative activities being set.

  • Nutrition guidance: Weekly personalised nutrition plans designed to maximise your potential of achieving the best results in the quickest time possible when combined with your structured training sessions.

  • Personal Program: Head trainer David will plan sessions to complete on your own away from the 1-1 sessions so you can be sure to be reaching your potential in the quickest time frame.

  • Location: Sessions will take place in a exclusive private studio based in Droitwich Spa or Black Heath (Out skirts of Birmingham). Some home sessions can be included if necessary.

  • DB Fitness Personal Training Prices:
  • Monthly on-going sessions – £200.00 per month ( price based on two sessions per week, per month) ​( £25.00 per session)
  • Monthly on-going sessions – £120.00 per month ( price based on 1 sessions per week, per month) ​( £30.00 per session)
  • Block booking of 10 x 1 hour Personal Training Sessions – £350.00

Some of our personal training sessions in action

Clips for Gloucester City FC captain Matt Williams sports performance sessions

Legs day highlights with our client Lucy Taylor

Functional training available for all age ranges

We bring the sessions to you too... Park or home.

Burn fat quickly and not a treadmill in sight...

Functional Fat Burning

All round conditioning

Group Personal Training

DB Fitness Personal Training offers group training and exercise sessions aimed to be inclusive of 2-4 people who will be trained together in sessions.

Small group sessions are a great way to become fitter with friends and family. With only having a small number of clients each individual can be monitored and set goals in each session and still have the same results as a one to one session.

Not only is this service just as effective as 1-1 sessions it is also more financially appealing as the costs can be spread between the group members who are involved.

  • Prices:
  • 2 Clients x 10 sessions £300.00 ( £150.00 each)
  • 3 Clients x 10 sessions £350.00 (£116.60 each)
  • 4 Clients x 10 sessions £400.00 ( £100.00 each)

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