* Disclaimer... the following testimonials are results of clients of DB Fitness Personal Training. Client results may vary to each individual and cannot be guaranteed.

Ollie Bloor

Result Time Frame: 10 weeks (20) personal training sessions & nutrition plan.

I have been working along side David for the last ten weeks and I can already see and feel the changes to my physique. David really gives you that motivation and drive you need after a long day at work and he always gets the most out of me in our sessions. Being a slight lad building any sort of muscle I have always found difficult but David’s knowledge is second to none and its clear to me why he is successful in the industry. My knowledge of how to train effectively has dramatically increased and being trained by David really has given me all I need to continue by my self in the future. Our sessions are never dull and I actually look forward to them each week. I think ifyou are able to enjoy hard working sessions which are getting you results you can’t ask for much more from a personal training service. 10/10. *

Andy Beverage

Result Time Frame: 12 Week Personal Exercise & Nutrition Plan

After initially meeting David through work it was obvious that he was very knowledgeable about training and nutrition. It is important for me to seek advice from someone who practices what he preaches and David certainly fits that description. From working in gyms my self I was quite confident in my training methods and have always been happy with my muscle mass. My body fat has always been a concern to me and after undergoing a structured programme with nutritional advice from David it really took my physique to the next level. I couldn’t believe the effect of just changing the food I ate could have on my weight. I am now much leaner and more cut which has made me much more confident and I thank David for that. *

Megan Stanford

Result Time Frame: 6 Months Personal Training

I seeked help from David after I became vey insecure about the way I looked physically. After our initial consultation David didn’t just try to persuade me into undergoing the most expensive programme but rather he listened to me as an individual and advised me on the best package for me personally. After completing 6 months of training I couldn’t be happier with the results. I lost dramatic amounts of weight and my stomach and legs became a lot more toned. Since then I have grown in confidence and I now know how I need to exercise and more importantly what I need to eat in order to maintain my weight and new figure. *

Jack Sharp

Result Time Frame: 8 weeks (30 1-1 personal training sessions)

After seeing my self on holiday ( picture on the left) I wasn’t completely content with the way I looked. I got in touch with David to help me bulk up and get more muscle mass on my upper body, and in just 30 sessions with him and DB Fitness & Nutrition I am now feeling much more confident with my over all appearance. I thought it would take years to start seeing the results I wanted but David pushed me and motivated me in every single session we did together and I was soon making progress. I have no doubt that if I had not started sessions with David then I would not have got the results in such a short amount of time. His training methods are enjoyable but most importantly he progresses you weekly and sets you targets to ensure he is getting the best out of you each time you walk into the gym together. *

Rich Farmer

Result Time Frame: 6 Week Personal Exercise & Nutrition Plan

After completing a 6 week transformation programme with David I lost significant amounts of body fat and started to see gains in my muscle mass. David tailored my programme excellently in relation to my targets; his nutritional plans were realistic and enjoyable to stick too. I had David’s full support throughout the 6 weeks and he was always quick to respond when I had any questions to ask him. I learned a lot through the weekly programmes he set me and realised how to train correctly and most effectively. *

Rosalie Terry

Result Time Frame:  2 months personal training

David is a fantastic motivator and such a friendly guy who makes you feel comfortable to train with. The sessions are never the same and the variety of exercises and workouts David puts you through really help to lose body fat quickly. In just over two months I lost two stone which I would never have been able to accomplish by my self in such a short time period. Great service and would recommend DB Fitness to any one who is struggling to see the results they want with their physical appearance or anything health related. *

Dominique Melfah

Result Time Frame: 12 weeks to 6 weeks 1-1 personal training 

It is no surprise that David gets superb results with his clients. He gives me the best professional advice, pushes me and motivates me! If you feel unhappy about your body or just want a healthier lifestyle then he is the man you want telling you what to do. He is friendly guy and you can tell he really cares about his clients and their progression. *

Alex Cutler

Result Time Frame:  3 months personal training

After struggling to attain an athletic physique with my own training routine I was recommend David by a friends and since starting sessions with him I have never felt or looked better. He brings out the best of your both during his sessions but also sets your mind frame right to enable you to live the correct lifestyle away from the sessions in order to get the best results. *

Matt Wallace

Result Time Frame:  6 months personal training 

Being a very slight build guy I always found it very difficult to build any sort of muscle mass when training by my self. My knowledge was a little limited and I wasn't really ever confident I was performing exercises correctly. I knew David from previous work life and I knew he would be the man to take my physique to the next level. In just 6 months I put on over 7kg of muscle mass and increased my 3 rep max bench press from 25kg to 75kg. David pushes you every session but you learn to love what you do and I am so much more confident with my appearance now. *

VJ Sidhu

Result Time Frame:  3 months personal training

I have know David for a number of years initially meeting him through football when we both played professionally for Coventry City. Since losing touch with exercise in general over the last few years I knew David would be the guy to help me get back on track in the shortest time possible. David was always very passionate about weight training back in our football days together and it is no surprise he is now making a career from helping others with their health and fitness objectives. David travels to my wife and I and train us both in our home gym which is limited to certain equipment but we are amazed at our results whilst working together and would highly recommend him to anyone in the future who maybe seeking expertise in this area. *

Luke Reeves

Result Time Frame:  3 months personal training 

Quick results from a fun and friendly trainer. David explores lots of training methods to keep things interested and keep your body guessing and developing. In three months I managed to add over 7kg of muscle mass and increased my 3 rep bench press from 50kg - 75kg. Certainly these are results I would not have achieved in the time frame with out the guidance of my personal trainer. *

Kelly Sidhu

Result Time Frame:  3 months personal training

David travels to my house and trains my husband and I in our home gym. We are limited to certain equipment but we are amazed at our results whilst working together and would highly recommend him to anyone in the future who maybe seeking expertise in this area. The sessions are tough but actually enjoyable which and the feeling after completing a session is amazing and gives you a real buzz! Sessions are never dull and at 6am you can imagine the pick me up David gives with his personality gets you through the sessions! *

Helen Williams

Result Time Frame: 5 months personal training 

David trains both me and my best friend in a group session and we absolutely love it! When you can get fit, get results and have a laugh and enjoy your self at the same time what more could you ask for from a personal training service? The sessions are certainly affordable and David's commitment and service reflects his prices second to none. *

Phillip Jones

Result Time Frame:  2 months personal training

After spending a large period of the last 5-10 years of my life being relatively inactive David ensured that the pace and intensity of our sessions were appropriate and effectively progressed as my fitness and strength grew. David trains my partner and I in joint sessions and David ensures we are pushed to achieved results but also the sessions are enjoyable and never ever the same. We have used lots of different training methods over the last few months that I just simply wasn't aware of before so the knowledge David has a trainer is superb. I am extremely happy with the progress I have been making whilst under his guidance and long may it continue. *

Beth Collett

Result Time Frame: 2 months personal training 

In just over two months I have lost over a stone and half and I am very pleased with the way my body shape has changed in the short amount of time. Sessions are fun but you also definitely know you have had a good workout when your session is complete which is exactly what you want. The guidance and support David provides away from the sessions helps a great deal too...Its not just the 1-1 session service David provides. Nutrition plans are set, and also emailed sessions to be completed by my self all included in the monthly price for the sessions so its great inclusive package that is provided. *

Sandra Fitzpatrick

Result Time Frame:  6 months personal training

I was recommended David as a high quality trainer and haven't looked back since I started training with him. He makes me feel comfortable and very part of his team and his friendly and professional approach is very important from a trainer. Its not always easy to have the confidence to start personal training sessions with someone who you may have never met but David really knows how to build strong relationships with his clients and the training sessions over all have boosted my confidence and I am feeling as fit as ever. *

DB Fitness 1 Month Challenge Results

Through out each year DB Fitness holds a £150 transformation challenge where clients can enter with the chance to win the full prize money.Head Trainer David emails each client their very own personal gym and nutrition program each week for the duration of 1 month...the client who makes the best visual change in the time frame wins the £150 prize!! Here is a few of our contenders from 2015/2016

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