Our Mission

Our mission is to have a positive impact on our client’s lives by creating a memorable fitness experience. We will deliver the best possible fitness and nutrition solutions to each of our customers’ needs through fun, challenging, appropriate and effective programs. Thereby educating our clients and enabling them to continue their health and fitness journey long after we have made our mark.

Client Results

* Disclaimer... the following testimonials are results of clients of DB Fitness Personal Training. Client results may vary to each individual and cannot be guaranteed.

Alex Cutler

Result Time Frame: 3 Months Personal Training

Andy Beverage

Result Time Frame: 12 Week Personal Exercise & Nutrition Plan

Francesca Marks

Result Time Frame: 3 Months Personal Training

Kelly Sidhu

Result Time Frame: 3 months personal training

About Us

DB Fitness Personal Training is an established health and fitness service which offers exclusive private training in Droitwich Spa & Birmingham. With no distractions from other gym users our studio provides the perfect environment to experience 1-1 personal training. 

Here at DB Fitness we welcome any one of all ages, genders and ability levels who may have a specific health or fitness goal they feel they need professional guidance with in order to help them achieve. We specialise in appearance transformations, weight loss, development of muscle mass, sports specific training and tailored training & nutritional plans. 

Head trainer and founder of DB Fitness Personal Training David Burtoft has over ten years experience within both professional sport & fitness industry working with hundreds of clients since establishing the business in 2013. We offer a friendly, fun and knowledgeable training service which has our clients best interests at heart at all times....if our clients are happy, we are happy.

Along side 1-1 private training in our exclusive studio, DB Fitness Personal Training also offers a wide range of fitness related programs & classes.For further information and to find out more about any of our services & previous clients testimonials /results please browse our tabs at the top of our page, or do not hesitate to contact a member of our team via the contact us tab below. 

Our Locations

DB Fitness Personal Training

Unit 2, West Bank,
Berry Hill Industrial Estate,

DB Fitness Personal Training is able to offer their clients a fully comprehensive PERSONAL TRAINING experience with their very own designated space to train clients.With no distractions or interruptions DB Fitness Personal Training is the perfect environment to work hard and get RESULTS.

Base Gym

78a Oldbury Road

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